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Greek Prime Minister Papandreou Will Quit If You Want Him To

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And certain assurances are made.

Prime Minister George Papandreou offered to step down from his post if that would facilitate the formation of a national unity government with Greece's opposition political parties, according to two Greek official familiar with the matter. The officials, one a senior member of the governing Socialist Party and the other a government official close to the prime minister, also said the prime minister is willing to remove Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou from his post if such a government is formed. Mr. Papaconstantinou, who has had to carry out deep spending cuts, has been a lightning rod for public anger over government cutbacks and lost jobs. According to a Greek government official close to Mr. Papandreou, the prime minister agreed to step down only if opposition leaders pledged to continue with the current government's program.

"Papandreou said that if all the political parties agreed to a specific framework for the country to exit from the crisis, he would step down," the official said. "But in order for that to happen, there must be a commitment that the government's polices continue. For example, that means committing to the government's reform program and its privatization program. Otherwise, the prime minister is ready to continue serving as prime minister and will go on doing his job."

So far the government hasn't received any official response from Greece's opposition parties, but doesn't necessarily expect an immediate response, the official said.

Greek Leader Offers To Quit Post For Sake Of Unity [WSJ]

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