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Hank Paulson Has A New Job

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He'll be lecturing at the University of Chicago's Harris School of Public Policy Studies and heading up "an independent center that will specialize in relationships involving the United States and China" which shall be called the Paulson Institute.

Paulson said the institute's initial focus will encourage "progress in environmental protection and the development of alternative sources of clean energy, and promoting economic activity and cross-investment between the two countries, leading to the creation of jobs."

"Every global concern -- economic, environmental or security-related -- can be addressed more effectively when the U.S. and China work together," Paulson said.

While the news is surely exciting for U of C (as it is for Wendy, who enjoyed having her boo home for a while but is so ready to have him out of her hair), it has to be a bit disappointing for the university's business school, which it does not appear will be getting any love from Hank, and for those (us) who were hoping for a class on management, including a Day 1 lecture called "Sugar Coating It Benefits No One: Getting Real With Your Employees."

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