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Hedge Fund Managers' Pimple Popping Emergencies And More Catered To At The Core Club

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Time was, you joined an exclusive Mahattan club solely for the purpose of saying you were a member. The food was passable at best, the dress code stifling, as were the rules about keeping cell phones and Blackberries turned off and should you dare ask a member of the waitstaff to pluck some stray hairs from your nether regions? Forget it. If you thought your dues were going toward having your every whim catered to, you thought wrong. Then one day, a few years back, someone said "Stop. You know what the 'ultra-rich' need? An exclusive club where they can not only keep their phones on but where they can call in back waxing emergencies at 3AM, too." And thus, the Core Club was born.

Established in 2005 and today counting upwards of 1,500 members (including Steve Cohen and Anthony Scaramucci) who pay a $50,000 initiation fee and $15,000 in annual dues, the Core Club is a place you can wear jeans and a zip-up fleece, feast on Kobe sliders and call in trades from the dining room without anyone giving you shit for it. Best of all? Your code blue facial needs are taken seriously.

Where many traditional New York clubs maintain strict dress codes and prohibit business meetings, cellphone conversations and the use of iPads or PDAs, the Core club at many times of the day resembles a trading floor. “I’ve got a billion dollars to be deployed,” a member remarked to his lunch companion over a recent midday meal of $22 Kobe beef sliders and $36 plate of lobster salad with pea leaves and carrot coulis. “It’s there and we need to get it moved.”

And if a blemish should happen to emerge on a member’s expensively maintained surface, said Talya Taylor, a spa therapist, the Dangene crew is at the ready with skin-care triage: “In an emergency, if someone calls us and says, ‘I’m going to pop this pimple myself if you don’t see me,’ we get them right in.”

And that's just an example. Anything you dream up to call in like a hostage situation they're there to take care of, no questions asked. Overgrown cockbushes, beastly cuticles, skin that hasn't been exfoliated for daa-yys. Got any needs/desires you'd never dare voice but would be blown away to find out Core can and does accommodate? Do share and prepare to be impressed. In related news, let's all hope against hope the lines "I've got a billion dollars to be deployed, it's there and it needs to be moved" and "‘I’m going to pop this pimple myself if you don’t see me" can both be attributed to the same member.

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