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HSBC Banker Who Got Knife Pulled On Him By Ex-Girlfriend For Going On A Date One Day After Break-Up Headed To Jail

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Remeber Toby Carroll? To recap, he's a New Zealand-born real estate analyst for HSBC who's been stationed in Dubai for the last several years. In January, he was jailed after his ex-girlfriend, Priscilla Ferreira, found him and a new girl, Danielle Spencer, in his apartment and proceeded to start slashing curtains, furniture, etc, and go after the Danielle with a knife.** The police were called and all three were sent downtown because in Dubai, sex outside marriage is illegal. After a week in the clink Carroll, who friends describe as “a fun-loving party boy who was dedicated to his job, a snappy dresser who liked women but wasn’t womanizer," was released (as were the ladies who became friends after being forced to share a mattress in the women’s cell at Bur Dubai police station. Hopefully Carroll's made the most of his freedom over the last 6 months, because he's set to be sent back after receiving his sentencing last week.

Fast-forward to last week, and the three 'amigos' were back in court in Dubai. Ms Ferreira and Ms Spencer (who are apparently now the very best of friends) received one month jail terms for engaging in sex outside marriage, while Carroll got a 2-month sentence (one month for each relationship).

Bonking Banker Banged Up In Dubai [Hereisthecity via BI]

**Spencer didn't fight back because, she says, "I had just paid £250 for hair extensions and I didn’t want them falling out two days before Christmas.”