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Layoffs Watch '11: Barclays

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Cuts going down circa now.

Layoffs in banking at Barclays today. So far at least 1 director was let go from healthcare group...others getting the ax right now, hearing around 500 will go but it may be higher.

That's all we know at this time- if you've got anything else to share don't be shy.


Layoffs Watch '15: Barclays

Cuts are said to be going down at the bank circa now.

Layoffs Watch '12: Barclays

Cuts are said to have gone down in Bob Diamond's den yesterday. "FYI: layoffs yesterday at Barclays Capital. Lev Fin was hit hard (though Barclays was nice enough to do the cuts after bonuses were handed down, in addition to giving 1-month's pay)."

Layoffs Watch '12: Barclays

Remember when Bank of America said it was working on a little something called "Project New BAC," and it involved firing a whole bunch of employees? Barclays is apparently working on a coupla "projects" of its own.

Layoffs Watch '13: Barclays

Earlier this week Barlcays promised not to dawdle when it comes to canning the 2,000 employees slated to be cut. Today employees in Asia got to experience that follow-through in action!