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Legendary Investor Lenny Dykstra Might Need Bail Money, Pair Of Pants

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Remember when Lenny Dykstra was arrested in April? The Jim Cramer-approved investor was cuffed and charged with bankruptcy fraud for “selling items from his $18 million California mansion," including chandeliers, mirrors, artwork, a stove and a grandfather clock delivered to a consignment store called Uniques, whose owner was happy to help him unload his "truckload of goods." On that same day, officials sensed that something wasn't right with Nails and after thinking about it for a while, are now accusing him of having "cocaine and ecstasy on him" during the arrest and, separately, "using false information to lease cars from a Ford dealership." LD is expect to appear in court later today to plead not guilty and in the meantime, released this statement in his defense.

"Of course I'm not guilty," Dykstra told The Daily News this morning. "The car got stolen alright - stolen by them. I don't have it anymore. It's gone like my computer, my phone, my clothes."

If you care at all about Nails, please help identify who "them" is and offer him something to cover up.



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