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Lenny Dykstra To Be Sprung From Jail *And* See His Life Played Out On The Big Screen


Two huge wins for Jim Cramer-endorsed investor Lenny Dykstra today.

Dykstra was tossed in the clink this week on 23 felony counts, including grand theft auto and drug charges, and he needs $50,000 - 10 percent of the $500,000 bail - to get released..."Lenny's people then approached two wealthy members of the Philadelphia sports community – but they weren't willing to fork over any cash either," reports TMZ. But today producer Jonathan Heap stepped forward, saying he'll help spring the former outfielder, who became a car-wash king and even got folks to believe he was an investment guru - before he blew a supposed $50 million fortune and filing for bankruptcy, claiming monstrous amounts of debt. Heap's explanation: "Everyone deserves a second chance." He might have another reason: He's producing a movie about Dykstra's life, says TMZ.



Prosecutors Want Jim Cramer-Endorsed Investor Lenny Dykstra To Do Thirty Months In Jail

They say that's the only way Dykstra* will learn that in our society, you can't rip toilets and other bathroom fixtures out of the floor and sell them to a pawn shops just because you feel like it, or drop trou for the cleaning staff.

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Legendary Investor Lenny Dykstra Unveils Latest Revenue Stream

It involves "elderly women" and "companionship."