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Republican Presidential Candidate Tim Pawlenty Would Tell Wall Street "Get Your Snout Out Of The Trough Just Like Everyone Else," Thinks Ben Bernanke Not Only Came Up With The Nickname Helicopter Ben But Refers To Himself As That

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Two comments from TP on Bloomberg earlier today:

1) "[The message] would be, 'Get your snout out of the trough just like everybody else.' If I am president, we will not have any more bailouts, carveouts, handouts or special deals. We will reduce the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%. We will get rid of all the deductions, credits, or exemptions, and you will compete not based on your connections to a congressman, but connections whether you can convince consumers if you have a good product. If you cannot do that, you should not be in business. Do not look for government to bail you out. You either compete and succeed in the market or you do not."

2) "I think a good chunk of [America's economic problems] are a result of Fed policies...I didn't support Bernanke's appointment last time for these very reasons. He called himself 'Helicopter Ben' for a reason."