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Sino-Forest Can't Hold John Paulson Down!

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A 2009 investment in a company that acquired assets from failed lender IndyMac is up some 200 percent, the billionaire hedge fund manager told investors when he met with some of them in Paris earlier this month. The paper gain in the value of OneWest, the newly minted Pasadena, California-based bank, is responsible for much of the 24 percent gain in Paulson's $3 billion Recovery Fund last year and it has helped to push it up a further 4.22 percent in the first five months of 2011. The sharp gain in OneWest stands in stark contrast to the high profile losses some of Paulson's portfolios are suffering right now thanks to declines in some of his biggest holdings including Bank of America and Citigroup and, in particular, the Toronto-listed Chinese company Sino-Forest. [Reuters]


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