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Today In Lines That Might Not Work When Attempting To Convince A Colleague You're Not Trying To Get Him/Her To Admit Securities Violations On Tape

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They include the word "dude" and "100 percent."

[Galleon employee Adam] Smith agreed to record his calls and lure a former colleague into admitting knowledge of the Cisco-Starent tip. On the phone, the colleague, a trader named Ian Horowitz, wouldn’t bite. “I feel like that you’re—the questions you are asking me are, like, you are tapping me on the phone trying to get me to say some things.” “Are you serious? Dude, come on,” Smith said. “I’m telling you, one hundred per cent, that’s not the case.” Having failed at entrapment, Smith proceeded to testify against Rajaratnam.

[New Yorker, earlier]