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"Well-Educated" Metro North Rider Vows To Never Patronize Train Again

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If you took Metro North home last night, perhaps you witnessed an altercation between a fellow passenger and a train official? A conductor asked a rider, former BNP "graduate intern" Hermon Raju, to please refrain from audibly cursing, to which she responded with a variety of (rhetorical?) questions including, "Do you know what schools I've been to?" "Do you know how well-educated I am?" demanded someone "stop this train," and once again made it clear, "I'm not a crazy person, I'm a very well educated person." Raju also said she'd never give Metro North her money again and considering she rides it "to and from work and to my parents' house," the loss of revenue might seriously hurt the MTA.

UPDATE: According to a spokeswoman for BNP, Raju is no longer associated with the firm.

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