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Write-Offs: 06.06.11

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$$$US SEC, not SAC Capital, is target of Senate probe (Reuters)

$$$Goldman shareholder sues ex-director Gupta (Reuters)

$$$ Dick Bove says folks at the Federal Reserve have ‘lost their minds’ (FT Alphaville)

$$$Inside Asia: For Bankers, a Week of Difficult Calls (Reuters)

$$$Geithner Wants Global Rules on Derivatives (WSJ)

$$$ Geithner: ‘Very Good Chance’ of Deficit Deal This Summer (Real Time Economics)

$$$Found: $775bn of missing muni bonds (FT Alphaville)

$$$ Goldman Survey Shows EU-Tested Banks May Need to Raise $42 Billion (Bloomberg)

$$$ Wall Street Stock Strategists Almost All Bullish (MarketBeat)

$$$ Bank Stocks: History Suggests They’re Not a Buy (MarketBeat)

$$$Summers: US Economy Remains in 'Recovery Phase'(CNBC)

$$$JPMorgan Hires Former United Airlines Chief (DealBook)

$$$Computers, Not Traders Now Make Vast Majority Of Wall Street Trades (60 Minutes)

$$$Waldorf guests to get personal concierges (Reuters)

$$$Facebook Flub: German Teen Gets 1,500 Unwanted Guests After Party Invite Goes Viral (Time)