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Write-Offs: 06.13.11

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$$$Dimon's Critique of Bank Regulation Draws Rave Review, according to Charlie Gasparino, who cites the fact that spokesman for Bernanke "would not deny that the Fed chairman agrees with Dimon" re: his comments last week as evidence (FBN)

$$$ Obama: 'I would resign' in Weiner's situation (MSNBC via HNM)

$$$Berkowitz Leads Stock Pickers Hitting Bottom (Bloomberg)

$$$ S&P slashes Greece to lowest, says default likely (Reuters)

$$$Majority of Experts Predict Debt Ceiling Deal (Fiscal Times)

$$$ Rosenberg Sees `99% Chance' of U.S. Recession by 2012 (Bloomberg)

$$$Goldman and Clive Capital to launch commods index (FT)

$$$BofA May Post $27 Billion More Housing Losses, Bernstein Says (Bloomberg)

$$$ John Carney: The Case Against The Euro (NetNet)

$$$ JEREMY GRANTHAM: We're Headed For A Disaster Of Biblical Proportions (BI)

$$$ UBS: Enough Already. Time to Buy Citigroup (Deal Journal)

$$$Wendy’s Sells Arby’s to Private Equity Group (Dealbook)

$$$Research Links Financial Crisis To Revolving-Door Lobbyists (HP via EasyStreet/Heidi Moore)

$$$Sino-Forest Shares Trade Higher Ahead of Earnings Report (MarketBeat)

$$$SEC Moves to Halt Share Sales by 2 Chinese Firms (WSJ)

$$$CME Group To Sell Chicago Board of Trade Building (WSJ)

$$$ LinkedIn’s First Analyst Rating: Hold (MarketBeat)

$$$Facebook IPO Valuation Could Top $100 Billion: Sources (CNBC)