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Write-Offs: 06.20.11


$$$Pressure Rises for Greece Ahead of Confidence Vote (NYT)

$$$ I.M.F. Warns of New Austerity Measures Ahead (NYT)

$$$S&P: Greek debt restructuring likely a default (Reuters)

$$$Small Group Rode LinkedIn To Big Pay Day (NYT via Heidi Moore)

$$$Wall Street Banks Lose Ruling on Research (DealBook)

$$$Bank M&A Star Lurie Joins Guggenheim Partners (WSJ)

$$$FTC says investigating oil manipulation (Reuters)

$$$Stocks Cheapest in 26 Years as Profits Rise (Bloomberg)

$$$Morgan Stanley Said to Plan Loan Fund for Blackstone Group’s GSO Capital (Bloomberg)

$$$ Bank Stocks’ Low Valuation = Lost Decade, Says Bank Analyst (MarketBeat)

$$$ Nearly One in Five Republicans Wouldn’t Vote for a Mormon (Daily Intel)

$$$NCUA Sues J.P. Morgan, RBS Over Mortgage Bonds (WSJ)

$$$ Goldman Caught Manipulating Brent/WTI Spread: Penalty: $40,340 (ZeroHedge)

$$$ BofA Weighs Sale of CCB Stake (Bloomberg)

$$$ Citi’s Reverse Split Dried Up Dark-Pool Trading, Too (MarketBeat)

$$$ BofA's Head of Rates, Currencies Retiring (WSJ)

$$$Lawsuit against Blackstone could test LBO defense (Reuters)

$$$Trades reveal China shift from dollar (FT)

$$$Can We Prevent the Next Bubble? (Wired)

$$$Justices Rule for Wal-Mart in Bias Case (NYT)

$$$Bathing Suit Gives Woman Third Degree Burns (NYP via Gothamist)


Write-Offs: 3.17.16

Tech loves MBAs; Michael Goguen v Amber Laurel Baptiste; Man Accused Of Egging Former Neighbor’s House More Than 100 Times; and more.

Write-Offs: 07.20.12

$$$ Spain's Recession to Linger as Austerity Bites [WSJ] $$$ Euro Bailout Bid Gets Vote Of No-Confidence [Bloomberg] $$$ As the Justice Department weighs the possibility of criminal charges in the unfolding Libor rate-setting scandal, it may want to consider the record of the Swiss banking giant UBS. At UBS, a series of immunity, nonprosecution and deferred prosecution agreements in recent years — evidently the government’s preferred approach to corporate crime — seems to have had scant, if any, deterrent effect. “It’s depressing,” Representative Peter Welch, Democrat of Vermont, a member of the House oversight committee, told me this week after we discussed UBS’s recent transgressions. “The Justice Department has to decide: Is the day of consent decrees and settlements, where you pay a fine, one passed on to shareholders, are those days over? Are the days of jail time here?” [NYT] $$$ Jamie Dimon Opens Wallet For JPMorgan Shares, Picks Up 500000‎ [Forbes] $$$ Someone stole hundreds of David Hasseloff life-sized cutouts [NYDN] $$$ Credit Suisse chair says board backs Dougan [Reuters] $$$ Ex-BofA Executive Indicted For Fraud In Municipal Bond Probe [Bloomberg] $$$ BMW ‘stolen’ from Hooters is found [WaPo]