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Write-Offs: 06.21.11

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$$$Papandreou Wins Confidence Vote, Raising Rescue Chances (Bloomberg)

$$$IMF warns Spain of setbacks (FT)

$$$Morgan Stanley Slashes Euro Forecast (MarketBeat)

$$$ S&P says California credit rating at 'crossroad' (Reuters)

$$$ Al Capone Gun Up For Auction This Week With $100K+ Price Tag (HuffPo)

$$$Some dealers to suspend US precious retail trading (Reuters)

$$$Hedge fund bosses cautious ahead of Monaco summit (Reuters)

$$$Borrowers Wade Back Into Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (NYT)

$$$Lehman's Ghost Haunts Money Funds in Europe (WSJ)

$$$ Madoff’s ‘Bull’ is the talk of Monaco (FT)

$$$Ex-Mortgage CEO Sentenced to Prison for $3B Fraud (AP)

$$$It’s Not Just Bankers Defecting from UBS (Deal Journal)

$$$Don’t Fight the Wiretaps (DealBook)

$$$Could This Laptop Hold Goldman Sachs' Secrets? (CNN via RealClearMarkets)

$$$ The Big, Bad, Bruins $156,679.74 bar tab (Boston)

$$$ Video: James May explains science behind hangovers (BBC)