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Write-Offs: 06.24.11

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$$$European Banks Scramble to Prevent Greek Default [Reuters]

$$$ Matthew Goldstein: Deutsche's firing of top trader sparks probe [Reuters]

$$$ Too Big to Fail, Yes. Too Small to Fail? Never. [EasyStreet/Heidi Moore]

$$$ Peter Falk, star of ‘Columbo,’ dies at 83 [WaPo]

$$$ "The 44-year-old venture capitalist, known as "the most connected person in Silicon Valley," has invested in some 114 tech startups since 1995, including juggernauts like Facebook, Flickr, Groupon and Zynga, both on his own and as a partner in the venture firm Greylock Partners. One of his earliest strikes was PayPal, where he served on the executive team and cashed out millions when it was bought by eBay in 2002. He also co-founded the professional networking site LinkedIn, which has over 100 million users and a market cap of $8 billion thanks to its recent red-hot IPO. Hoffman is a self-diagnosed "CrackBerry" addict (five smartphones, two Macs, a PC, an iPad and an Android Tablet) who rarely vacations, spending most weekends fielding ideas from young entrepreneurs." [WSJ]

$$$ Larry Ellison Calls Assets Overpriced, Curbs Deal-Making [Dealbook]

$$$ "A day after the Winklevoss brothers said they won’t ask the nation’s high court to undo a 2008 settlement with Zuckerberg, they asked a federal judge in Boston yesterday to let them determine whether Facebook hid instant messages that might have helped their case." [Bloomberg]