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You Don't Need To Tell Barclays About Europe. Barclays Knows.

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“The problems in Europe are significant, we all know that,” said Antony Jenkins, head of retail, when asked about the bank’s performance on the continent. “Our base case assumption is that those problems are not going to unwind themselves any time soon.” [Bloomberg]


Barclays Promises To Be Snappy About Its Upcoming Layoffs

No more long, dragged out firings. No more dread-filled days wondering if HR is coming for you and, if so, when. If you're a Barclays employee set to be canned, you're getting canned A-SAP.

Barclays Pledges To Be Quick About Getting Its Sh*t Together

New CEO John "Mack the Knife" McFarlane has is machete out and is ready to hack through not only employees but all the red tape gumming up the works at the British bank.