An Alternate Career To Consider Should Prefer Asses To Assets


By 11 a.m. on a recent sweltering Sunday, Harrison Anastasio had already collected the cellphone numbers of five bikini-clad women on the rooftop pool at the James New York Hotel. “Don’t forget to text me,” one of the women whispered to the 17-year-old, flashing him a coy smile...A certified lifeguard, Anastasio, a rising senior at Edward R. Murrow High School, is also the pool’s tanning concierge. As concierge, Anastasio must ensure pool patrons remember to turn over at designated intervals to evenly brown their front and back sides. Guests decide whether they’d like the teen to gently tap them on the shoulder or send a text when it’s time to turn over. And so it is that this Cobble Hill teen has a phone filled with the numbers of the sorts of beautiful women (and men) who frequent rooftop pools. Anastasio maintains that he resists temptation. “I have the willpower not to text these girls after they leave the pool,” he said. [WSJ]