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Andrew Ross Sorkin To Be The First Thing You See In The Morning

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First thing you see on TV, that is, as ARS is replacing Carl Quintanilla on Squawk Box. Apparently the CNBC team searched high and low for the right person to recreate the raw chemistry between the long-running threesome of Joe, Becky and Carl and concluded Sorkin's the man for the job.

From CNBC:

Joe Kernen, Becky Quick and Carl Quintanilla made Squawk Box must-watch television thanks to their chemistry, creativity and, above all, content expertise. Every morning, Squawk distills oceans of information on global markets, companies and politics so that the nation’s most affluent and influential viewers can start their day smarter. While Squawk Box has been a powerful brand since inception, the Squawk team, both on the air and behind the scenes, has elevated its game since the beginning of the financial crisis. Squawk Box delivers great guest hosts, big interviews and scoops every day.

Replacing Carl on Squawk Boxis no easy task, but we are thrilled to announce that Andrew Ross Sorkin is joining the CNBC team to co-host Squawk Box every morning with Joe and Becky. As a CNBC contributor, Andrew has long been an extended member of both the CNBC and Squawk families, and we’re pleased he will now be a part of our morning team. Through his articles and columns, his book “Too Big to Fail,” and his appearances on CNBC and elsewhere, he has proven to be one of the premier financial journalists in the country. Andrew will continue to write his widely read column for The New York Times, which has an online partnership with CNBC, as well as help oversee DealBook, the online news site he founded.

Andrew Ross Sorkin Joins CNBC as Co-Anchor of ‘Squawk Box’ [TVNewser]


Want To Wake Up With Mandy Drury?

Or Becky Quick? Or Andrew Ross Sorkin? Joe Kernen? Jim Cramer? Because you think it would be a pleasant way to start the morning or, alternatively, a horrifying way sure to get you out of bed without delay? Now you can!