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Bonus Watch '11: Deutsche Bank, RBC, Barclays

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A few numbers trickling in for Wall Street's junior mistmakers.

Top 1st years- 62.5
Top 2nd years- 80
Top 3rd years- 105

Deutsche Bank:
Second tier 2nd years- 80

Top 3rd years- 100


Bonus Watch '12: RBC

Junior mistmakers at the Royal Bank of Canada received their numbers last week. 1st Year (Top Tier): ~$52,000 2nd Year (Top Tier): $65,000 3rd Year (Top Tier): $85,000

Bonus Watch '13: Deutsche Bank

The good news: there will still be bonuses this year, which is something! The even better news, for those who'd describe themselves as fans of tantric bonuses: it'll be a while before you see it all.