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Chicago-Based Commodities Trader Declared Dead In 1986 Actually Alive And Well In Las Vegas

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On May 11, 1979, commodities trader and "family man" Arthur Gerald Jones went missing. His wife told investigators that six months prior, he'd lost his job, and due to the fact that despite selling his CBOT seat and forging her name on an application for a second mortgage, Jones still had a bunch of gambling debt to pay off, possibly to the mob, foul play was suspected, and he was eventually declared dead in 1986. This would be sad if not for the fact that AGJ has actually been living and working (as a bookie, natch, and apparently also on his tan) in Las Vegas for the last 23 years.

Jones has been living under the name of Sandelli and other aliases since his disappearance in 1979, and has been working in a local sports book for the past 10 years, according to Nevada officials...In an interview with an investigator with the Nevada attorney general's office, Jones allegedly admitted his real identity and said that he "left in 1979 without telling anyone and has to date made no contact with anyone from his past."

According to the affidavit, Jones told investigators that he paid a friend $800 to help him establish a fake identity, and the friend provided him with an Illinois driver's license, a social security card and an Illinois birth certificate with the name Joseph Richard Sandelli. Jones told the investigator that he moved to Florida and lived there for about a year before moving to California. He settled in Las Vegas in 1988, where he worked for the Rampart Casino's Sports Book. "Suspect claims he changed his identity to get a fresh start," the affidavit states.

Jones has apparently been held in Nevada on $20,000 bail since his arrest on Tuesday. It's unclear if his wife, who hasn't heard from him since '79, will be busting him out or letting him stew a little while longer.

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