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Dick Fuld Has A Message For Wall Street

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It could also be interpreted as the greatest veiled threat since Angelo Mozilo said Bank of America "will reap the benefits of what [Countrywide] has sowed.”

Charlie Gasparino reports:

Fuld is looking to jump start the consulting business he started after Lehman’s bankruptcy three years ago by pitching himself as a financial handy man, willing to help private equity players run businesses they’ve acquired based on his many years running Lehman Brothers. According to people who have firsthand knowledge of Fuld’s activities, he’s having mixed results with the business plan. One personal friend of Fuld says he has “a little consulting firm with a few clients” and that he’s confident he can grow the business because in the investing world “people need help.” Another person with knowledge of Fuld’s activities says he’s telling people, mainly private equity executives, that “I can help you run your business.”

Since his message was a little vague, could anyone out there shed some light on what services Fuld might be able to offer your business?

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