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Donald Trump Finally Weighs In On Debt Ceiling Debate

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Been dying for Donald Trump's take on the debt ceiling talks? Today's your lucky day! The Don recently set up a camcorder in his office and laid out his fool-proof plan, which he strongly suggests Republicans take to heart.

Here's what he's got- do nothing. It'd be one thing if you had Trump as your lead negotiator but unfortunately for America, you don't.

"Unless the Republicans can get a phenomenal deal- and I don't think they can- including getting rid of ObamaCare," Trump advised, "They should just tap it along. If this is going on prior to the election, there's no way Obama can get elected. DO NOT FOLD REPUBLICANS! DO NOT GIVE UP! You can tap it along, you can make it go longer, as long as it comes up before the election...let these discussions begin again a year from now... DON'T BE FOOLISH, DON'T BE STUPID...have this whole discussion start again around June of next year and I guarantee you Obama will not be president for long."

[via Gawker]