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1 Guy, 2 Cups: Extreme Rationing Backfiring At Goldman Sachs

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In these uncertain times, when banks are beating expectations by reporting $9 billion losses, and everyone is girding their loins for layoffs, certain sacrifices must be made. Morgan Stanley is tracking BlackBerry usage, encouraging employees to keep it to a minimum. Employees at one unnamed firm are giving up expensed lunches and taking the subway. RBS has gone to low flow toilets. Most people are going along with the belt-tightening without much grumbling, as it could help save at least one colleague or two from getting canned and none of the measures have come off as too out there. Having said that, apparently Goldman Sachs has gone way over the line.

An upset Master of the Universe writes:

"I guess as a cost-cutting measure the pantry at 200 West is now stocked with tiny little paper cups. They replaced the regular sized (8 oz?) with these tiny little cups (5oz?) Last week the cappuccino machine wasn't filling my cup and I was wondering why. Now I know, the machine is filling the tiny cups!"

And if Goldman thought reverting to 5 ouncers was going to save them some cash, they thought wrong.

"I guess now I will just have to get two cups of coffee at once."

He may also be forced to start throwing away unused cups, unless things start to change around here. Don't take that as a threat, just a fact.


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