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Financial Analyst Caught Cheating Not 'Humiliated' Enough To Pass Up Chance To Regale World With How 'Fun and Naughty' It Feels To Be Such A Playa

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JB is a 27 year-old financial analyst who was recently dumped by the two girls he was seeing, both without the knowledge of the other. Girl number one was a "conservative Upper East Side Ivy League grad who works in finance" who he'd been with for a year. Girl number two was a "quirky Park Slope hipster with a creative ad-agency gig" who he'd been with for six months. To the naked eye, this looks like a not new thing called "cheating" (the ladies thought they were in "exclusive" relationships). Being a financial analyst by day and trend-setting player by night, however, means JB calls it "double-borough dating," a phenomenon that operates under the assumption that people do not leave the confines of the neighborhood in which they live and in which one "courts women from distinct and distant 'hoods, ensuring the lucky ladies never cross paths." JB describes DBD'ing as "fun and naughty," so if you've been dying to star in the bootleg version of your Sex and the City fantasies, it might be right for you. Having said that, it is not without some risks, which JB recently encountered.

A few months ago, JB was facing a dilemma. Which of the two girlfriends he was “exclusively” dating should he wine and dine that night?...After selecting Miss Brooklyn as his dinner companion, he convinced Miss Manhattan he was going out with his buddies, while secretly squiring his Park Slope princess to a cozy LES restaurant. After canoodling his way to the hostess stand on the arm of his second girl, JB was seated for dinner — right next to his first lady. “I never thought I’d get caught. It was humiliating because I couldn’t run or escape the situation.”

The ladies ended up dumping him then and there but as JB is now working with an "NYC dating coach" named Yue Xu, it shouldn't be long before he's back in the game and playing for the ultimate prize of seeing a woman naked in real life for the first time.

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