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Housekeeping: This Is Not Actually a Picture of Me

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Hi, I’m Matt, and as you may have heard I’m new at Dealbreaker. For some reason it seemed like a good idea to leave my job at a bank/squid to come blog with Bess in a leaky Noho garret. Two months later, here I am.

Fortunately, I left 200 West too quickly for them to strip the gold plating off my scrotum, and though it’s slightly tarnished from two months of gardening, it still repels some low blows. I have a feeling this will prove useful in the coming weeks.

Okay then. I’ll be here as long as you’ll have me, or until the money runs out, whichever.

Unnecessary disclosure: I am long some currently nontransferable GS shares, and I have small 401(k) investments in a couple of the hedge funds we sometimes write about. Otherwise all mutual funds, cash, canned goods and ammunition.


Housekeeping: Dealbreaker Is Looking For Columnists

Do you want to write things on Dealbreaker? We are looking for a few more regular columnists to write regularly on the areas of their expertise and interest. Topics could include private equity, hedge funds, b-school, stripping one’s way through b-school, or something that has absolutely nothing to do with any of those things but which you are particularly passionate about. Topics like "what I am thinking about this week" or "finance!" will probably be less successful. If you are interested, and can commit to writing a column each week or so, please get in touch and tell us who you are (a resume if you want, or just what you do) and what you'd like to write about. A sample post on your idea would also be great. As always, if you are currently gainfully employed on Wall Street (and would like to stay that way) for a firm that would not look favorably on a part-time writing career, anonymous/pseudonymous columns are fine.

Housekeeping: Dealbreaker Access

With the proliferation of smart phones and tablets in the financial community, there are now more ways than ever to access Dealbreaker content beyond your desktop browser. For those of you unable to access Dealbreaker through your work computer, you can easily access through the web browser on any mobile device. Dealbreaker stories are available on the Flipboard, Google Currents, and Pulse readers, and we will be launching on more mobile readers shortly. Dealbreaker is also accessible through Bloomberg using the command NH BLG_DEALBREAKER . If you have not yet accessed Dealbreaker through your mobile browser, please give it a try now. We also encourage you to download the readers in the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace to access Dealbreaker through a mobile reader.