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How Would You Like To See The Oval Office Entirely Redecorated With The Home Furnishing Offerings From Target?

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He's already thrown his hat in the ring for a gig running Treasury Secretary but the people would like Bill Ackman to dream bigger. Washington Post readers polled yesterday said they want the Pershing Square founder to run as a third party candidate for President (his qualifications being the bank plan he wrote up in 2009 and the fact that he was once invited to the White House to speak with Larry Summers).

Naturally, we think this is a great idea, as Bill's obviously got the passion, the delts, and the conviction of his beliefs to give Americans the real talk they need, be it on spending or their visible pores. The sole issue we foresee is that campaigning could cut into matchmaking time but perhaps if enough of you express serious interest and pledge donations and slogan ideas, he'll at least consider it.


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