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Jim Rogers' Views On China Are Based On A 3-Generation Time Horizon

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Related, the Rogers grandchildren may or may not want to request grandpa's coin collection, rather than what he's earmarked for them, should their opinions of China be more in line with those of Jim Chanos.

"Those guys [Jim Chanos and Hugh Hendry] have been dead wrong for two years. Chanos said two years ago he was shorting China and it's going to collapse," Rogers told CNBC. "I know Jim and I like Jim and admire Jim but he's been dead wrong for two years, I hope he's still solvent. If he did the things he said he's doing, he's losing a lot of money," Rogers added.

Rogers isn't disputing that China could see a slow down, but he doesn't think it's going to be severe. He said he doesn't plan to sell his China shares and expects to pass them on to his grandchildren one day. "Every country, every family, every individual has setbacks as they rise. China is going to have some horrible setbacks. America had unbelievable setbacks as we rose," he said.

Jim Rogers: China Bears Have It Wrong [CNBC]


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