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JPMorgan's Model Intern Suggests Slowing Things Down

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We could learn a lot from the Greeks. I asked myself on the flight back [from Chalkidiki]: How is it that a people who lived more than 2,000 years ago, could grasp the world and its social laws as well as we can — or sometimes even better? Our brain has not evolved since the Sophists, who spent their lives trying to criticize outdated theories about the world? Maybe this is already the whole truth: Life and business have accelerated. The average citizen no longer has the time to devote himself consistently to considering a problem or theory. We’re too busy with our obligations to do something else, to be on the road, earn money, cultivate relationships, everything, as we rush through our live. And because we do so many different things, we believe, we believe we have more overall. But the opposite could be the case. [NetNet, earlier]


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