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Let's Talk About: CFA Results

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Thirty-nine percent of Level 1 takers and forty-three percent of Level II'ers are likely feeling prettay prettay prettay good at the moment, possibly on account of celebratory morning drinks or the realization that the promise land is within reach. The rest of you are probably in not as great a place, on account of having just thrown away the last 4-6 months of your lives.

In the event you want to express whatever emotions are running high right now, be it anger or sadness, but work in narrow-minded institutions that will presumably not appreciate psychotic meltdowns-- the likes of which would have Biff Basness slowly backing out of the room-- or JO&C’ing on company property, don’t be shy about letting it out right here. Tell us all about how you skipped a midget-themed Memorial Day pool party for this crap and this is the thanks you get?? We’re listening. In related news, we're considering having Matt take Level 1 in December, so if you have any tips for avoiding spectacular failure or making the exam your bitch, please share.


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Let’s Talk About: CFA Results

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