PTA Moms Charged With Running Ponzi Scheme


That'll teach you to think twice before forking over a few mill to your kid's friend's mom.

Maricela Barajas, 41, and Juliana Menefee, 50, were arrested at their Diamond Bar homes Tuesday. Eva Perez, 51, is currently serving an 11-year prison sentence on charges connected to the alleged scheme. All three women are charged with grand theft and securities fraud. Prosecutors said the women earned the trust of their victims as members of the Parent-Teacher Association at Armstrong Elementary School in Diamond Bar, where investigators said they allegedly befriended their investors. Authorities said the women claimed they had exclusive rights to sell Altadena dairy products at Disneyland and Disney hotels and promised returns of up to 100 percent.

If you simply must invest with your fellow PTA board members, moving forward, considering coming up with a check list to run through during due diligence that perhaps should include but not be limited to "exclusive rights to sell dairy products at Disneyland" and "promised returns of up to 100 percent."

Ex-PTA moms charged in Ponzi scheme worth millions [ABC]