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Research In Motion Will Not See Another Dime From One Incensed Private Equity Guy (Update)

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According to the 3,000 word email written by the ex-customer, RIM can kiss his $120/month good-bye.

Dear Research in Motion Management,

Who knows if anyone will ever read this letter, I am sure you have been getting an amplified amount recently. I have been a loyal customer of RIM my whole life, starting with my first Blackberry-the 7280. I was attending high school in europe and it was because of AT&T’s superior international functionality and RIM’s amazing email and BBM services I was able to keep in contact with my family back in the states and I thank you for that.

Throughout the next few years I continued buying BlackBerrys; the 8800, the Curve, the 9000 Bold and then the Bold 2 - other than one laps to the first generation iphone. Each of these RIM devices was better than its predecessor, regardless of how many times I broke them due to water damage or just general wear and tear. I ALWAYS came back to Blackberry. When I moved to America in order to attend college I preached to my fellow students how amazing my experience was with AT&T and Blackberry. I can confidently say I convinced at least 10 people to switch over to Blackberry so they could enjoy the wonders of simple-effective push email, BBM and the efficiency of a keyboard. I regret that now.

When I finally broke my last Bold 2 this November, I called AT&T looking to buy a replacement. However, every time I called they would state that a new Bold was on the verge of release and they did not have any 9700s left, recommending I wait for the new device. The representative would not give me the release date but assured me it was approaching soon and I should resist buying a replacement off ebay. Alas my backup blackberry died over the New Year and I was forced to buy the Torch which according to your advertisements and spokespeople was a “revolutionary smart phone”. It simply was not. I have never been more displeased with a device; every day I find myself pondering if the functionality of the sliding screen is to generate lift because the phone is better off flying from the window of my car as it is incapable of effectively keeping me connected to my friends and work.

I have waited tolerantly for the 9900 Bold to be released, I check everyday hoping to hear news about the phone but I only see RIM continue to fail. You announced the phone in May, your representatives hinted at the device in December - it is almost August and the phone still does not have a release date. 240 days, that is the amount of good will one of your best and most faithful customers has. I have been lied to and feel abandoned. You have failed as a service and manufacturing company (other than RIMs hosting and server services). The coverage that BGR (Boy Genius Report) has been giving on the demise of RIM could not be more accurate.

I implore you to listen to your employees, fix your management structure and return to being the industry leader and revolutionary company you once were! I believe you have the intelligence to turn your company around before Google buys you, rips you apart and turns you into their hardware division!

I will be switching to the iphone this weekend, not because I think it is a good phone or because I have become “trendy” it’s because I no longer want to support a poorly run and immature company. Clean your act up then send me an email or give me a phone call. I wish you best of luck until that time comes.

Ps. Feel free to look up my account and see how good of a customer I have been. Consider every $1 spent since January 1st to be paid reluctantly and without pleasure. I would have been better off burning the cash in a money pit. Attached to this letter you will find the email I received from I hope you knew that emails sent to this address were denied and no clear alternative was shown.

Update: Apparently RIM execs are getting paper copies as well:


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