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Sheryl Sandberg for Treasury Secretary?

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In New York this week, John Heileman repeats reports that Tim Geithner wants to resign as Treasury Secretary this year after the debt ceiling talks are resolved, and kind of surprisingly gives the nod to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg as the most likely successor, adding to talk of her shortlisting from earlier this month. His logic is here, and includes Sandberg's growing national reputation (especially after this week's New Yorkerprofile), her history as chief of staff to Larry Summers at Treasury, and her appeal to the business community without any Wall Street/GE-doesn't-pay-taxes baggage for the, um, anti-business community.

It's hard to argue with Sandberg's timing so far - she joined Google pre-IPO, cashed out after their 2004 IPO, and jumped to Facebook in 2008. So the next sensible new-media thingy would seem to be Twitter, and the Obama administration has that covered as well. And even some people who hate her think she'd be well suited for Washington.

On the other hand, with the current best guess for a Facebook IPO being something like 1Q 2012, the timing here might be a bit tougher if Timmy in fact wants out in the fall and Sandberg is looking to stay on to manage the IPO and maybe cash out some of her equity.

What do we think? Any chance Sandberg is actually going to be the first female Treasury Secretary? Would she take the job if it meant leaving Facebook before the IPO / grinding Google+ into the dust? Would Facebook and the Feds let her keep her equity if she did?

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