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Steve Cohen Sends Fred Wilpon A Message

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The short version: suck it. The longer version:

New York Yankees third baseman Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez was seen having dinner at Gabriele's Italian Steak House in Greenwich Monday night. Rodriguez dined with his nephew, along with SAC Capital Advisors founder Steve Cohen and his wife Alex of Greenwich.

While it's not mentioned, one could assume Steve fed A-Rod his steak Cameron Diaz-popcorn-style so as to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the third baseman's bod in anticipation of the next Subway Series. If that images stings, good. It was meant to. Of course, it didn't have to be this way, Fred et al. But you people made your bed and in it you must lie. If it wasn't clear before, you can kiss the managerial and coaching wisdom SC was going to share with you good-bye. His energies are going to another team now, a team who appreciates his ideas. Who do you think was in Tampa last week helping Derek rehab his calf through a proprietary icing regimen? SAC P&L analysts is who. Good luck with Reyes' hamstring. You're gonna need it.

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