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Still Want to Invest With George Soros?

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Bummed that George Soros has closed his fund to outside investors and will no longer use his 2 and 20 from your cash to destroy America? The SEC has been thinking about your problem, and have come up with something that could be good both for your PA and for your love life.

Solution: marry George, or one of his children or nephews. If that doesn't sound very appealing, you could also keep your eye out for any "lineal descendants (including by adoption, stepchildren, foster children, and, in some cases, by legal guardianship) of a common ancestor (who is no more than 10 generations removed from the youngest generation of family members)."

Under new SEC rules, that will let you invest with George without subjecting him to irksome regulations. On the downside, your shiftless relatives can't co-invest, and you're out in the cold again if you get divorced.

[T]he new rules are causing a commotion with family offices, who used to be able to serve in-laws, distant cousins and even ex-wives of the family but now can’t. ...

For instance in-laws no longer count as family — which may be happy news to some wealthy husbands and wives, but bad news for the in-laws. Some cousins, uncles and nieces and nephews are also out.

Government Defines Who is 'Family' for the Rich [WSJ]