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The People Of Goldman Hath Spoken!

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Earlier this week, an incensed Goldman Sachs employee informed us of a new development at 200 West that was causing great civil unrest. "They replaced the regular sized (8 oz?) with tiny little cups (5oz?)," he wrote, steaming. "Last week the cappuccino machine wasn’t filling my cup and I was wondering why. Now I know, the machine is filling the tiny cups!” Not about to take the TLC situation sitting down, he of course had a plan. “I guess now I will just have to get two cups of coffee at once.” While he was surely dead serious about making good on his threat, there is no longer a need to double up.

I have an update re: 1 guy, 2 cups. The pantries are restocked as of today with the old, larger cups after many employees complained.

Now that it appears the suggestion box is in fine working order, if there's anything else employees would like to see changed, do consider speaking up.


Goldman Sachs Makes 266 People's Mornings

Unlike the life-changing partnership ritual that takes place every two years, the managing director promotions, announced today, are more of a light pat on the ass that says, you’re doing a pretty okay job so far, but don’t get cocky. You've graduated from VP (a title which is now, amazingly, described to the layman as "the level attained by the disgruntled former employee Greg Smith"), and that's something to be proud of, but stay hungry for the reach-around.