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Vincent McCrudden Is Sorry For Threatening To Kill 47 US Regulators

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“I had no intent to injury or bodily harm anybody,” Vincent McCrudden told a judge today after pleading guilty to emailing a bunch of regulators describing them as "fucking corrupt piece[s] of shit!" letting them know that they were "not getting away with this," encouraging them to "laugh mother fucker laugh," and making it clear that "it wasn’t ever a question of ‘if’ I was going to kill you, it was just of when.” McCrudden, who also had an “execution” list on his website and encouraged people to help him cross the 47 names off the list, added that he "apologized" and was sorry for "any apprehension [the threats] may have caused" his targets and their families. Having said that, McC noted that he'd been "upset" about a suit against him by the CFTC and never actually "intended to injury or bodily harm anybody. [BW, earlier]