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What CEO Wives Can Learn From Wendi Deng: This Is How You Defend Your Man

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As you may have heard, a man attempted to hit Rupert Murdoch in the face with a pie during his hearing before Parliament this morning. It's unclear what sort of cream the pastry contained (custard, whipped, shaving, man, cow), but apparently some of it "spattered Murdoch," and the proceedings were adjourned for 10 minutes. The pie-thrower was immediately taken into custody, which probably came as relief as it meant that Rupert's wife Wendi couldn't finish him off.

Ladies, whether your husband is due to testify before Congress anytime soon, going out for an afternoon stroll has become dangerous sans bodyguard, his net worth makes him a target for hungry kidnappers, or he's being stalked by a writer known to hit people in the face with pies containing cow semen, Laura, Judy, Swati, Kinga, Lisa and Alex should all take careful notes on the above. Watch how Wendi (in pink) doesn't even hesitate. She sees the guy coming after her man and she's out of her chair, ready to deck him. Observe how she gets in one undoubtedly punishing bitch slap and clearly would've tackled the aggressor to the ground if someone hadn't gotten in her way. It actually doesn't even look like it was technically necessary for her to get involved, as a guard appears to be stopping the perp, but her immediate instinct was to go street.

Like Wendi, you should all be prepared to send the message that there's only one way the story ends for anyone so much as entertaining the thought of messing with your people: with them being sent home in a body bag.


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Most individuals working on Wall Street are good, honest people. But, as with every industry, you will always have your bad seeds. And should you perhaps wake up one morning to find the Feds outside your door, because your best friend sold you out by recording your explicit instructions re: how to dispose of evidence you committed securities fraud, or you were (allegedly) part of a "criminal club" that met regularly to share material non-public information with each other, or you bribed people with lobsters to do your bidding for you, and prison life is not the life for you and you need to come up with a hiding place they'll never find you, STAT, sand and a cardboard box are a good place to start.