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Which Wall Street Wives Do You Want To See On Reality TV?

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We’ve long been of the opinion that what the Real Housewives series could really use is a hedge fund edition. Alex Cohen, Biff’s old lady, Eddie’s girl, Mrs. PTJ would all make for sensational television and I know I’m not alone in saying I would truly do unspeakable things to have Lisa Falcone and her piano-playing pig in my living room every Thursday night. Apparently producers are on the same page and are actively attempting to make our dream a reality.

A casting call notice went out on Wednesday for “Wall $treet Wives,” a new reality show (or “docu-series,” in the patois of Hollywood) that is looking to fill out an ensemble cast of four or five women. Qualified applicants, the notice said, would have “a fun and attractive personality,” and would either be married or formerly married to a man working in an “’investments oriented” position on Wall Street. “Wall $treet Wives,” which has not yet secured a network deal, is the brainchild of Devon Fleming, a Connecticut-based author and lifestyle guru, and her friend and co-producer, Sammi Mendenhall. Ms. Fleming and Ms. Mendenhall first pitched the show in 2007, using Ms. Fleming, who is married to a Deutsche Bank wealth manager, as a central character. But networks had a different vision.

Obviously getting wives who are married to men of actual import on Wall Street will be a bit of a tough sell what with many of their spouses wanting to avoid publicity, and so on and so forth. But this is something that has the potential to change all of our lives for the better. If we want, nay, need it to happen, we need to to our part. Who is on our wish list to join the cast? Once we identify names, we can start petitioning them to audition. Dream big.

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