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Who Wants To Be CEO Of UBS?

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The bank isn't hiring anyone at the moment and current CEO Oswald Gruebel has said he's not leaving anytime soon but, naturally, they'd like to be prepared when the moment comes. Would you or someone you know be the right person for the job? Prerequisites for the gig include "the charisma to run a place like UBS" and being any nationality but German.

UBS AG's appointment of ex-Bundesbank head Axel Weber as future chairman has made one thing clear: when the Swiss bank appoints a successor to CEO Oswald Gruebel, it won't pick another German. Weber has already said "generation change" will be one of his top priorities at UBS, stoking speculation about who will succeed Gruebel, even though Weber only joins the board next May and takes over from Kaspar Villiger as chairman in 2013...Weber's appointment has probably dashed any remaining chances for Carsten Kengeter, the German head of UBS investment banking who was the highest-paid executive last year but whose star has faded as he failed to stem an exodus of bankers. "I don't believe it is going to be a German person. The most important is to have somebody who is well-known in the industry," said Vontobel analyst Teresa Nielsen. Anti-German sentiment has been on the rise in Switzerland amid a big influx of German immigrants, often seen as brusque and arrogant by their Alpine hosts.

The current internal frontrunner is Sergio Ermotti, who was already touted as a possible candidate last year when he was named as UBS's chief of Europe, Middle East and Africa after he was passed over for the CEO job at UniCredit...After Weber was announced future chairman on July 1, Switzerland's Handelszeitung newspaper called Ermotti the "hottest hopeful" to replace Gruebel. But some analysts doubt the well-dressed investment banker has the gravitas for the job and have also questioned his performance during the financial crisis, even though his division delivered more than half UniCredit's profit last year. "He takes clients out, he's got a nice tan, but he doesn't have the charisma to run a place like UBS and to cope with the risk," said one Italy-based analyst who declined to be named.

Which one of you non-Krauts have what it takes?

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