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2007 Bonus Levels Are Just One Sharpie Away

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Are you anticipating being having your email shut off, desk cleared out, and greeted with a look of no recognition from your office security guard when you attempt to get into the building any time soon? Or perhaps preparing for a bonus that "entitles you to two free back rubs" from your direct report? Want to take this year's comp into your own hands by robbing a bank but lent out your disguises to a friend exploring roleplaying? It's all good. Take a page from this chick's playabook.

A woman disguised in a drawn-on beard attempted to rob the Bank of Tuscaloosa on University Boulevard today at 4:06 p.m. Friday. Tuscaloosa Police responded to the scene where they were told a woman with a "drawn-on" beard attempting to look like a man entered the bank and stated she had a bomb while demanding money after placing the device on the counter. Police say the suspect took an undisclosed amount of money and left the bank, while also leaving the device on the counter. She then left the parking lot in a maroon vehicle, which police say could possibly be a Pontiac Grand Am or similar looking model with tinted windows.