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Area Man Willing To Part With Vintage Trombone, Hustler Pro Freestyle Bike In Exchange For Precious Metals, Legos, Help Teaching Goldman Sachs And "Freebay" A Lesson They Won't Soon Forget

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Are you in the market for: a vintage 1980s General Hustler Pro Freestyle BMX Bike, 75 pounds worth of K'nex pieces, a skateboard, a Nintendo Wii Black Console in the original box with the controller and numchuck, a clarinet, a trombone, or a set of marching band drums? Would you like to be part of a movement that 1) "sticks it to evil corporations" 2) "tells them to shove it" and 3) "send the likes of Goldman Sachs and freebay back to H3ll!"? Do you have any gold or Legos on hand? Consider this your lucky day.

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