Bernie Madoff Beats Reporters Off With A Stick, No Longer Respects Charlie Gasparino


The Ponz Master apparently emailed Gasparino to tell him as much last night and to let him know that their previously scheduled date? CANCELED.

What has Madoff so peeved, according to a couple of lengthy and somewhat rambling emails he sent me yesterday, is that I somehow doubted much of what he told me during nearly two months of telephone and email chats. By doing so I've become a "typical hatchet job reporter rather than someone I truly respected in the past...As for your comments about my use of the media to somehow feed my ego," Madoff writes, "Of the more than one hundred requests I have received world wide, I have only granted three interviews two for books and one for the London Financial Times, who like you wrongly reported that I was working on an Ethics course."

And one more thing: I don't think I'll be sitting down and interviewing Madoff anytime soon, which was the point of my initial interactions with him. "I guess that you saw fit to write an article prior to our face to face visit so there is no point re scheduling your meeting," he writes, adding that he feels "compelled to add the following remarks" in his latest round of emails to me, even though he realizes that they are "probably falling on deaf ears."

You're A Hatchet Man [FBN]
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