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Carl Icahn Already Agitating For a Breakup Of Googleorola

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Sure he's already achieved "a great outcome for ALL shareholders of Motorola Mobility," and he's pretty busy working the speed bag in preparation for his proxy fight with Forest Labs scheduled for later this week, but Carl took the time to stop by Bloomberg TV today and let Google know that if they ever want to talk to someone about breaking up a mobile technology company he's got a little expertise in that area:

[W]ell, they paid 12 billion, but there's three and a half billion in cash in the company, there's a set-top box business that makes two and a half billion that could be sold, I guess, if they wanted to. And so that's six billion right there. I think the operating company ... we're doing 25 to 30 million smart phones next year. Being that said, it's a very difficult business, the operating business, unless you have Google's kind of capital, and I'm not sure what Google is going to do with it. But the patent portfolio alone to my way of thinking is probably worth more than Nortel's. So it seems Google got the operating company almost for nothing. Being that said i'm very happy with the deal.

On the other hand, if Google is looking to get more into the hardware business with that pile of capital, Icahn also thinks that Motorola Solutions is looking like a steal right about now.

Motorola Shareholder Icahn on Google Deal