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Did Tim Geithner Acquire A Small Airplane? Update: Nope!

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The Observer reports that "someone paid for an airplane to fly by the New York City offices of Standard & Poor’s with a banner screaming: "THANKS FOR THE DOWNGRADE. YOU SHOULD ALL BE FIRED.""

UpdateActually it turns out that the person who hired the plane has no problem with S&P and meant to say "YOU SHOULD ALL BE FIRED" to someone else. Oops!

Fortune has learned that the person who paid to fly the banner is a Midwestern broker, who woke up last night with the need to vent at those who she believes are leading the nation into an economic morass.

"I originally wanted to fly it over Washington, D.C., but learned that you can't do that," says the banker, who asked to remain anonymous for job security reasons. "So I chose Wall Street instead, but didn't specifically intend it to fly over S&P. I'm just a mother from St. Louis who feels the only reason we got downgraded was people in politics."

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