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Donald Trump Will Consider Running For Office 'Again' If The Economy Doesn't Improve, He Can't Execute His Vision For Jones Beach

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When Donald Trump chose not to run for President, the American people lost a lot. They lost the opportunity to hear the Don tell China, "Listen you motherfuckers, we're going to tax you at 25 percent." They lost the opportunity to watch a presidential candidate tell Bill Cosby to blow him. And most of all, the lost the opportunity to behold as bankruptcy specialist Donald Trump used his expertise to lead us out of the economic darkness and into the light. Though he remained silent on the debt talks for far too long, last week Trump finally weighed in on the debate ("The Republicans should tap it along, make it go longer, until the next election so Obama can't win") and today on Squawk Box, he continued.

First off, this whole thing has been an embarrassment for him. His friends "in Europe, in China" call him up and ask him "what's going on over there" and he doesn't even know what to say, except that this country is on the fast track to hell. Things are so bad he can't even build "a beautiful building in Jones Beach that everyone wants" and you want to know something else? If the economy stays the way it is, he might just have to think about getting back into politics.



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