Genius Not Smart Enough To Realize Once Wealthy He'd Let His Dick Do The Talking


Henry Silverman is a billionaire investor and a certified genius. His genius is evident in Cedant Corporation, the company he built with his bare hands that made him a rich many many times over. His genius is less evident in his decision to leave his wife for a yoga instructor he hooked with the line "Google me," and thinking he wasn't going to have to pay his ex big time, despite having no pre-nuptial agreement.

Silverman, from New York, wanted to prove to a judge that he is an 'innate genius' whose spouse Nancy had no part to play in his financial success. But State Supreme Court judge Laura Drager rejected the evidence, which would have saved the 68-year-old a fortune. Mr Silverman's 30-year marriage ended in 2008 and he was soon after engaged to yoga instructor Karen Hader. He wanted to submit testimony from psychological experts who would vouch for his intellect. The private equity executive submitted affidavits from three psychologists in an effort to present expert trial testimony to support his theory of his success. But Nancy Silverman, 66, filed a successful motion to preclude the evidence and urged the court to make a distribution of marital assets based on equitable principles that would recognize her contributions.

The judge did not dispute that 'the husband brought to his work innate abilities and acumen that helped cause the business to succeed', but, she said the wife also contributed by 'managing the couples' domestic and social life and raising their daughter, and the social introductions and other efforts she claims to have made that assisted the husband in business'. According to the New York Post, when he met current fiancée Karen Hader, he was so smitten, he handed her his business card and tenderly whispered in her ear, 'Google me'. His wife Nancy was said to be devastated when he abruptly told her that he was leaving her after 30 years of marriage...Nancy allegedly said that she was 'with him when he had nothing' and will not stop until she gets a huge chunk of his money.

Whether you've fallen for your Pilates instructor or hit 20 years of marriage and started ranking high school graduations as your favorite place to pick up chicks, let this be a lesson to you all.

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