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Hey Hurricane Victims: Who Loves Ya?

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James S. Dimon. That's who.

On Monday, JPMorgan Chase told its customers that it would waive A.T.M. fees through Sept. 4 for those in hurricane-affected areas. In an e-mail to customers, the bank said it would not charge fees related to overdraft, the use of non-Chase A.T.M.’s, late payments on credit cards and loans and early withdrawal on certificates of deposit. In addition, the bank will extend branch hours and increase the number of employees at branches “in severely affected areas.”

A JPMorgan spokeswoman, Kristin Lemkau, said that branch employees were instructed to reach out to local businesses and use their “good judgment” in helping consumers secure loans at flexible terms. “We’ve given them the green light to act on the spot,” Ms. Lemkau said. “They can accelerate the loan approval process and give favorable financing terms when they can.”