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How Does Bank Of America Plan To 'Help Out' Rick Perry?

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This is BofA Director of Public Policy James Mahoney making the offer:

Did Jim/Bank of America:

* Mean they'd be honored to put 10,000 of their finest to work coming up with campaign slogans, winner gets to keep his/her job?

* Mean they'd love to pull some all-nighters helping to edit Perry's speeches?

* Mean 'help' in an Angelo Mozilo veiled threat kind of way a la I'm going to say this: "Bank of America will reap the benefits of what Countrywide hath sowed" but what you should really take that to mean is: "Bank of America is about to get a very expensive answer to the question 'what does it feel like to be ass-raped for an eternity'"?

* Wildcard


Brian Moynihan/Getty Images

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