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Hustler Club Patron Apparently Not Yet Sober Enough To Remember "Old Fashion Ale-4" Is Code For "HJ In The Men's Room"

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This is just a little public service announcement for anyone planning on hitting up a strip club with colleagues after work or during lunch today- the Hustler Club doesn't have time for your bull shit about 1) being overserved and 2) blacking out to the point that you were "no longer capable of conducting financial transactions" that involved buying table servicing for the whole bar.

A Manhattan man says he ended up with a mysterious $28,000 bar tab during a single visit to the Hell's Kitchen hottie-spot. W.A. Ilg says he went to the mammary mecca this past May 24 -- and doesn't remember much of what happened after that. The club wrongfully served plaintiff excess alcoholic beverages such that plaintiff was no longer capable of conducting financial transactions," Ilg said in papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court. But that didn't stop transactions from happening.

"Thereafter, defendant wrongfully charged $28,109.60 to plaintiff's credit card, a sum far in excess of any reasonable costs for said alcoholic beverages," the suit says. The suit says those charges are more overinflated than some of the Hustler dancers - but the epidermis emporium has refused his demands to refund the money. The suit seeks the return of the 28K, plus unspecified punitive damages for the club's "outrageous" conduct.

Pull this amateur hour crap elsewhere.

Man Sues Hustler Club For $28K Bar Tab [NYP]


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